Find out how technology can help your bottom line with SRG.

The agent wants to make sure their clients are being well taken care of, but is often on the go and the workdays can extend into evening hours after our offices have closed. That’s where mySRG comes in. It’s a portal of resources that allows agents to solve problems for their clients 24/7.


mySRG is built for you, the agent.

The web application / agent portal is built from scratch to meet the unique demands an agent has in running his or her business. It is designed to retrieve information quickly and efficiently without a lot of mussing or fussing. All of your important information is there at your fingertips, without having to wonder what it is, or what it does.

Some of the highlights of the information we provide for you in the portal:

  • Your licenses, writing numbers, and certification links

We have your information, and we want to utilize that information to its fullest. We keep track and notify you to make sure that you do not let your information lapse.

  • Your contracts

We make it simple to get contracted to the excellent selection of carriers we carry, regardless of the process. It's as simple as clicking a button!

  • Commissions

We post your commission payments based on a set schedule, and allow access to your full history with SRG.

And the portal has many more features that will help you run your business efficiently and easily.

Join SRG now and take advantage of this custom tool for your business!